Make Money Online (I do!)... Seriously!

Sites That I Make Money From:
  1. SwagBucks - Easily my favorite site. Set it as your homepage, use it as your primary search engine, and earn points just for searching! Easy as that. You then redeem your points for prizes, I have been redeeming mine for $5 added to my paypal account or $5 gift cards to Amazon. They have prizes for everything from baseball cards to books, gift cards to electronics, and also music and movies. Click HERE to sign up and start earning today!
  2. SendEarnings - Yes, yes... This is a survey site. One of the only survey sites that I use. What I love about it is I receive emails, I click a link, and I then get money credited to my account with out doing much of anything else. Sure, I only get paid about $30 every 4-6 weeks, BUT $30 gets me almost a full tank of gas, groceries, a cute top... whatever I want! Sign Up HERE

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