"My Husband Deployed Yesterday"... WON'T Get You Out Of A Speeding Ticket

Last night was more than a little rough. *Lil Man* and I stayed in the hotel, we had to get up this morning to take care of a few more things before we head to the in laws to live for the next few months (the picture to the right is their backyard view, uhhhmazzzing!!). Our list of errands included things like getting paint chips fixed on *Cpt Mac*'s new truck, finish picking out items from the showroom for our house... Wait! What house you ask? Well... two days before we had to say good bye for this deployment... we decided to build a house!! Yes, I know we are nuts! Talk about stress! Let's see... 1. Deployment 2. Building a house 3. Raising a two year old 4. Work 5. School... I'm sure I could add a few more items to my list of stressful events in my life! Oh well, push on! The busier I am the faster the end of deployment will be here! Let the countdown begin!

After our day full o' errands was coming to a close, it was time to drive the beast (aka-the new truck) back to our temporary home. On the road with my best friend TomTom! Well, TomTom decided he wanted me to take a new route home...maybe it was faster, maybe it was shorter, who knows! He took me off the highway and through a town, he also lied to me about what the speed limit was! Jerk! Next thing I know *Lil Man* is excited because a police man is talking to mommy! Yay! Turns out I was doing 66 in a 55, ouch. I'm not one to speed, especially with my son in the car. Then the cop asked for registration... ummm... It was a brand new truck, filled to the bursting point with everything imaginable, and I couldn't find it!! Uh-oh!! That's when I told him that it was my husband's truck and "He Deployed Yesterday". Well, Mr. Police Man took my license back to his car. All I could think about was how I was going to get arrested for not having the registration or insurance, or maybe the dealership had sold us a stolen car... ok ok, maybe not! But hey! I was nervous! Mr. Police Man walked back up to the beast and handed me my license...

(thank goodness! I got out of the ticket! please don't hand me a ticket! pretty please! Pretty pretty please!)

He kindly said "I dropped your ticket down for you."

(What, what?? Does that mean I'm off the hook?? It worked??!)

"I dropped it down to 65 in a 55mph. You have 15 days to respond to this citation."
(Whhhaaattt!?!? Really??!! You dropped my ticket down 1 mph!? Thanks dude!! How sweet of you! Did I mention my husband deployed YESTERDAY!!)

Needless to say, I switched my GPS over to a female voice and named it Sally. Men should really let women handle driving directions anyway! ;)

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