SUPER Cheap Meat & Produce!

Just found out about this AMAZING deal!
No idea why I hadn't heard about this before :)
Glad I can share it now!

Right now there is a deal on FRESH, NEVER frozen, NO hormones or additives, Boneless & Skinless chicken!
We normally find frozen low-quality chicken at supermarkets for $2.30/lb

Only catch, you order in cases of 40lbs.
Split it with a friend (or 3 if you don't have a deep freeze!).

The event they are currently running is for chicken.
They have events ALL OVER the country!

Simple put your order in online & pick it up on the event day at the specified location.

The company is called Zaycon Foods -- I am placing my order for chicken this weekend!
(Thank goodness for my deep freeze!)

$37.52 of Items For Just $12.86!!

FINALLY! Another post :) 
I've been busy! What can I say!?
Good news, my coupon binder is FINALLY getting worked on!
Organized coupons make me happy :)

Today I ran to a few places while the man was sleeping (him working nights is no fun for me!).
I went to Homeland, CVS, & Walmart Neighborhood market.

At CVS I picked up the Venus razor, it was $10.99..$4/1 $5 CVS bucks back = $1.99 razor! Yipee! I needed a new one!

Yesterday, the man and I stopped by the neighborhood market... I saw a big clearance rack and took a mental picture...too bad my memory is HORRID (little man's current favorite word! ha!).
I did remember that I saw the UP2U gum on the rack, found three $1/2 coupons in newspaper inserts so I bought 6 packs. They were marked down from $1.28 to $1 (I was hoping they were .50! No such luck.)
So I got 6 packs = $6 & used three $1/2 pack coupons = $3 for 6 packs of gum.
50% off makes me happy!

Next was Homeland. 
I love Homeland. 
They double coupons and have SO many bargains available. 
I'll only tell ya'll about the best ones.
Carefree panty liners marked down to $1 -- used .50/1 carefree (doubled) = FREE!
Chicken Helper(x3) marked down to $1.25 -- used .75/3 (doubled) = .75/each!
Pompeian Olive Oil $2.69 used $1/1 coupon HERE (doubled) = .69 for olive oil! Yay!
Yakisoba noodles marked down to $1 -- Used .50/1 yakisoba (doubled) = FREE!
Dawn Dish Soap $1.39 -- Used .75/1 dawn product (doubled) = FREE!
Lunchable w/smoothie $3.39 -- Used $1/1 lunchable w/smoothie(doubled) = $1.39 (Little dude will love it!)
Hormel Compleats $2.79 -- Used 1/1 hormel compleats (doubled) = My lunch today cost .79! 

Looking at my receipt now I'm noticing something got messed up with the hormel chili so I payed more than I planned to. I can't complain though... The bottom of my Homeland receipt says I saved 71%! Yipee!
Tomorrow starts a new week of deals!
I will attempt to head out to the stores tomorrow so I can post again this week!

SWAGBUCKS! My Favorite Way To Earn $$ :)

I LOVE earning swagbucks!
Especially when I log in and realize I have enough to get a giftcard to Amazon!
My favorite!

SUPER easy to earn & tons of ways to earn!
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Walgreens Coupon Deal Money Maker 9/6/12 ($35.11 in groceries for $4.23!)

And we're back!
I decided it was time again to save as much money as possible, best way to do that... COUPONS!
Since we are trying to buy a home in the very near future, this is one way we will be pinching those pennies for the down payment!
Since I just started couponing again, I don't have any of the older coupons from the paper, BUT I do have a printer! This Walgreens deal is with printable coupons from!

Cocoa & Fruity Pebbles ($4.79/box)
Chex Mix ($3.19/bag)

Buy (4) Four boxes fruity or cocoa pebbles cereal (11oz) - On Sale 2/$5
use $1.00/2 Post Cereal 11-24oz Walgreens Mobile Coupon (deducts $2)
Final Price: Pay $6+tax - get $3.00 RR = 4boxes/$3 (.75each!)

Buy (5) Five Chex Mix 5.5 or 8.75 oz snacks - On Sale 3/$3
**I have two computers and was able to print 4 of the following coupons. The more coupons you are able to print, the bigger your savings will be!**
Use (4) $.50 off Salty Snacks (coupon has Bugles for the picture)
Use $3 RR from previous transaction
Final Price: $.41(the tax) - get $3.00 RR = 5 bags & $2.59 MONEY MAKER!

Head on out and get some super cheap (&free!) groceries!
Would love to hear what deals you found this week & where!
-Jesse Mac

Little Man's Ramblings & A Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Little Man's Morning Outfit
Hope every one's week has been wonderful!
Little Man has been quite the little comedian this week, and he doesn't even know it!
For starters, I told him to go play in the backyard this morning and my little cowboy just whipped on his boots with some awesomely tall socks!

Most days when I drop Little Man off at Pre-K, while we are waiting he looks around at the other cars and says, "I hope I don't have to sit by Ava today!"
Yesterday, I decided to ask him why he doesn't like to sit by Ava.
His response....
"Well, she talks a lot and its OBNOXIOUS Mom! She talks more than me even.... And I talk A LOT!"
I wonder how he knows that he talks a lot :)

Healthy Raspberry Banana Smoothie!

Such a little sweetheart!
Hard to believe that we enrolled him for Kindergarten yesterday and he turns FIVE this year!
Time flies!

He's so smart too!
(Just like any parent will say about their child! ;))
This morning he crawled in my bed & we were being silly, tickling each other, and laughing and talking. 
I said to him, "I created you my little bubby!"
Then he stopped.

He got rather serious.
Looked me straight in the eye and said,

In my bed w/the smoothie while I write this post!

"No mom, God created me."
He never ceases to amaze and surprise me!

BTW, that smoothie recipe...
Little Man gives it double thumbs up!
1c-1.5cVanilla Yogurt (I didn't measure it today)
2 Frozen Bananas
1 cup Frozen Raspberries
A splash of fruit juice (to help my blender blend the mix!)
He drank that entire giant cup!

Well, looks like it's time to play golf with the little one!
                               Hello Sunshine! Goodbye Blogger!
See y'all soon!

Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope System - FREE PRINTABLES

Printable Cash Envelopes!
Finally Decided To Take Mr. Ramsey's Advice!
Well, starting slowly at least. 
I found an amazing printable envelope that is easy to use!
Debated using regular envelopes, but I love that these come with lines to keep track of where I spend and how much!

Starting off by printing only five but only have two filled out.
Gas & Groceries so far. 
Will add more this week when I can think of some!
My plan is to go ALL cash, except for regular bills and rent. Any $1 bills left in the envelopes at the end of the day will go into a special in-home savings account (a make-shift, duct taped shut, shoe box, that I keep in my closet, with a hole to small to fit my hand in!). The money in that will then be pulled out before Christmas to use for gifts! I like to sneak a $5 dollar bill in there occasionaly, or even a $20! This worked REALLY well when I was bartending and came home with a bunch of cash! Hopefully it works the same once I switch over to a cash system completely! 

What will you're envelopes be labeled with?

Excited to start this new adventure and see how well I can budget for my small family!
-Jesse Mac