This doesn't even begin to explain it...

I will not be posting for an indefinite amount of time.
I am not ready to share just yet.
Keep my family in your prayers.

I am trying to stay strong.


Sad, Sad Day....

For those of you that own iPhone's... you will know how I feel.
My iPhone was my life line, my calendar, calculator, day planner, address book, entertainment, iPod, weather channel, news provider, it notified me when I received emails, kept track of my workouts, was my run coach, and most importantly kept *Lil man* entertained!!

(not to mention the million and one other apps that I have installed!!)

My poor baby....

*Cpt Mac* was calling, in excitement I pulled my phone from my pocket at work... it proceeded to fly across the room.
The face plate shattered.
I missed the phone call.

Sad...sad day :(

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Today is my little guys 3rd birthday!!
He got exactly what he asked for!! (of course!)
A bike!!
And grandma got him this awesome buzz light year helmet and knee pads!!

He has only crashed three times all day, and he was a champ about every single one of them! :)

Head on over to Elements Of Jenn to read a story about this day three years ago :)

I'm off to spend the rest of the day with my *lil man* !!!!

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Another Blog Header!!

Check out the most recent blog header!!
It will be added to my portfolio shortly :)
What do you think?


Hair Coverings Winner....

Congratulations to....
You are the winner of the hair coverings giveaway!! chose number 5!!
Here is what OberleMommy said:

OberleMommyOf2 said...

I really like the Scrunch Hard Hair Band, Designer Headband, and the Grey Pashmina Shawl.

Thanks to everyone that entered!!

Look for more giveaways in the very near future!!


Indecisive Me...

The last few weeks I have been back and forth about weather I want to separate my personal blog from my blog design...
I FINALLY decided that I WILL be creating my blog design business's very own page!
That's right!
This page will be devoted to personal updates as well as GIVEAWAYS!!!
Tons && Tons of giveaways galore!!

I already have a few giveaways lined up and am excited to be able to offer my readers all sorts of free goodies!!

Check back for more updates and also keep an eye out for my design page!!


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Hello, you might remember me... My name is Jesse!

What a cRaZy week it has been!!
You might remember how my husband and I decided to build a house two days before he left...
WELL, the foundation has been laid!!!!
The picture below doesn't look like much, but this is AMAZING!!
In 52 (working days) our house will be DONE!!
(assuming everything goes as planned, keep your fingers crossed!)

Even better news??
The house will be done before *Cpt Mac* gets home!! (barely!)
I just hope I have enough time to make sure he has a home (and our bed!) to come home to!

On top of all of this, I have been creating TONS of blogs!
Beautiful, creative, amazing blogs!
I promise promise promise to get to EVERYONE that got a free header or won a free design!

Don't think that I forgot you ;)

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GIVEAWAY: Hair Accessories from Hair Coverings!!! (CLOSED)


I was sent this super cute black woven military style cap.
At first I was disappointed because I have a melon head (I'm talking friggin huge here!) and nothing ever fits me. The tag says "one size." I usually don't ever even try things on that say one size fits all because it's pointless.
WELL, this WONDERFUL hat has an elastic band in the back!! It fits!!
Not only is it cute and comfortable but it really is "one size fits all"!

I wore this bad boy out the other day to run errands and I got compliments on it galore!
It seems like everywhere that I went a few people mentioned how cute my hat was.

I am most likely going to buy the same hat that they have on their site in brown!
At $12.99 this hat is a STEAL!!
Did I mention they have a coupon code on the site right now for 10% off all orders??
Seriously, go check them out... NOW!

Plus Hair Coverings has tons of other different and unique hair accessories for everyone.
They have Hair Clips, Bandanas, Head Scarfs, Hair Loss Coverings, Fashion Accessories, Headbands, and soooo much more!!

For each entry, leave a separate comment on this post.

1. Head on over to Hair Coverings and let me know what products you would love to have (at least one other than the above hat).
2. Follow This Blog (Head on over to the right sidebar and click Follow!)

7. Tweet About this giveaway!
8. Blog about this giveaway (worth 5 entries!! Must leave a separate comment for each entry!)

Good Luck!! This giveaway will close Saturday, May 15th @ 11:59 PST.

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Disclaimer: I received the product from for the sole purpose of reviewing it and facilitating the giveaway. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. No monetary compensation was given for this post.

I've been MIA, so sorry!!

As some of you know I am enrolled in school,
*Lil Man*, working, blog design, && school work
have all kept me away from posting.
So sorry!!

Oh, and this doesn't help either....

(Look how sweet!! I couldn't kick him out :))

(This is daily... he is actually doing this right now... too cute.)

I have the day off today, I am caught up on school work and will be catching up on blog designs today. Also!!! Look for the giveaways that I mentioned!! :) :)