GIVEAWAY: Misikko Flat Iron ($200 value!!)

I hope all of my readers are doing WONDERFUL!!
*Lil Man* and I are in Oklahoma and boy is it HOT! I can.not.wait to be back in Washington!

Who is ready for this review AND giveaway!??!
I was recently given the opportunity to review a Misikko flat iron. I was sent the Corioliss Classic Pro 1inch Flat Iron. I received this iron on a Tuesday and what do ya know?? The flat iron I had been using quit working the previous Saturday! I was in luck!! I love because not only do they have flat irons but they have professional hair dryers as well!! I might have to get myself one!! :)

Look how b-e-a-utiful the packaging was! I was impressed with this company from the moment I opened the box! Not only did I receive the iron and heat pad to lay the iron on while in use, but they packed the box with flowers and other goodies! I also received a few nail files, hand sanitizer, and a package of wisp on the go teeth cleaners!

This iron resembled my previous iron. I had high hopes for it from the moment I plugged it in. A few differences (that I LOVE!) are the heat setting. I have uber thick hair and I need a high heat setting in order for my hair to understand that I want it to be straight. On the other hand, my sister (aka-today's model) has thin, fine, never color treated hair. A lower heat setting is needed in order to not damage her puuurdy hairs! The other feature that I LOVE is the indicator light. This iron has a light that turns red when you start it up and the light changes to green when the desired heat setting is achieved! SCORE! LOVE IT!

Now for the test! Meet *Ms. MP*!! My beautiful little sister with a bad case of bed head!

We started out on a very low setting of heat and turned it up as we worked. The temp can be set anywhere from 140°F to 410°F. Also this iron heats up in SIX SECONDS!!

I worked on *Ms. MP* for about ten minutes (with interruptions from *Lil Man* of course) and DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

Look at this amazing, silky, smooth, hair!!

Be sure to check out the Misikko website, they have amazing deals on all their products. A few of my favorites are the "Save Our Earth" Chi flat iron && the Corioliss Zebra Flat Iron. They are both CUTE!! I love them!! My next iron will def be one with a pattern!! Or a purple iron... I LOVE purple!!

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An uphill climb...

These past few weeks have been hard. Well, hard is an understatement. I have been miserable. I have felt like nothing in this world could matter anymore...
Today, I found the light at the end of the tunnel. I see clearly. I have the truth. My life is back on track.
Again, none of this can be discussed in detail. As much as I would love to share it all, I can't. Not yet anyways, maybe one day... far far down the road you all will see a blog post talking about overcoming obstacles in life... maybe.
What I can tell you all is that *Cpt Mac* is fine (for those of you that were worried), he is safe and healthy! Not only is he safe and healthy, but he is my world. My everything. My best friend.
The obstacle that was placed before us looks more like a mountain to me. Regardless, I will conquer the uphill climb that I am facing. I will make sure our lives stay on track and don't veer off course ever again.
Marriage is hard. Marriage with half a world of separation is even harder. Together *Cpt Mac* and I will have the world in the palm of our hands and future separations will seem like a walk in the park.
I love you baby! Not much longer until you are back home in our arms. I can.not.wait for our life together to officially begin. No more moving (for a while!), no more deployments (...for at least a little while), and no more separation! I love you to the stars and back. We are almost there my dear! Keep your chin up, I am right here waiting for you!


Two Upcoming Giveaways! **OVER $300 in FREE STUFF**

While life seems to get tougher as each day passes, there is a little light that I get to share with all of you!!
I will be doing TWO giveaways and reviews very very soon!!

It is a $200 flat iron that they have on sale for $89.99 on the web site!!

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What an amazing deal!!
One of my readers will be winning one, FOR FREE!!!

The second giveaway will be a surprise :)
It is for two things that have ABSOLUTELY saved me on my cross country drive!!
AND -- There will be FIVE winners!!

Keep an eye out this week for these giveaways :)

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I am allowed to be mad.
Only time will tell where the future takes me.
Waiting is hard.
I hate waiting.
I feel lost.
Taken advantage of.
I have seen an outsiders view.
I know how it looks.
I know.
Lines were not drawn.
Boundaries were not created.
At the time I did not feel they were necessary.
Now I know.
Now I see.
I have learned.
I have grown.
I will never NOT draw lines and build boundaries.
I am a better wife from this experience.
I am better woman.
I am strong.
I am courageous.
I will always choose success in my life.
I will fight for that success.
My family is my world.
My everything.
I love you *Cpt Mac* && I love you *Lil Man*!!
Always and forever, you two will be my priority.