Wine!! Wine!! Wine!! Cheapskate Wednesday :) :)

My wonderful husband found this website around Christmas....
It is my excuse for lack of posting the giveaway today... (that will come later! promise!)
Wine Till Sold Out is an uhhhmazzzing site that offers wine 30%-70% off EVERYDAY!!
AND, free shipping if you buy a certain amount of bottles of that particular wine.
Well, today is Cheapskate Wednesday!! Whoo hoo!! It is a different wine every 15 minutes (or sooner if they sell out) and the prices are $6.99-$18.99!! I love it!!
I have been updating my page every 2 minutes!! Time to stock up!!
Head over and check it out!


(Don't forget to come back later and check out the new giveaway!!)


Another Header!!

This is the first draft of another free header :)
I am working my way through the list!
Don't think I forgot about anyone!


I love doing reviews && giveaways!!

Ready to win some FREE stuff??
I have two upcoming reviews and giveaways!!
Get excited!!
One will appear tomorrow and the other will appear later in the week.
If you haven't already done so, subscribe to get email notifications of new posts so that you never miss a giveaway!!

((For those of you waiting on a blog header (or an email to be responded to for that matter!) I am getting to everything as quickly as possible! I want everyone to have the best and cutest possible blog header!!))

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He loves me, he loves me not...

*Lil Man* and I went on a walk today...
He picked me beautiful flowers...
"Climbed" up a little hill to get to them.
I have the sweetest little guy evvverrrrr!!


A few coupons :)

Sometimes I come across coupons that I love to share!
I used to have a couponing blog (and I hope to start it up again sometime soon!) but until then, I will just share the random stuff that I find :)
Enjoy these two coupons!! 

Sign up to receive your coupon good for $1 off any one (1) Banquet Family Size Entrée.
Sign up to receive your coupon good for $1 off any one (1) Marie Callender's Asian Recipes or Pasta Al Dente.


Swagbucks Swagcode worth 12 SB

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Free Header Deadline!!!!

As of right now I have about 20 emails in my inbox that I still need to respond to.
I will get to you... I promise!!

The deadline to contact me for the free headers will be Friday, April 23rd at 11:59 PST.
Anyone who would like a header after that can (of course!) still contact me, but the headers will be $20.

Please be patient with me while I get all of the headers created! I promise to get to everyone!
I just want them all to look FANTASTIC!!


SwagCode worth 12 Swagbucks!

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A normal post... or not...

I think I have been working too much.
Why do I think this?
I was up at 545 this morning after staying awake until after midnight last night... working on blogs, yes.
I love this though! It also helps time pass while *Cpt Mac* is deployed (not much longer!).

Well, about 8am, I hear *Lil Man*, he usually talks himself to sleep and then starts talking again as soon as he wakes up.
I went to check on him, thinking he had just woken up... nope. He had been up for a while...

He was naked. Eating Cheez-its. In his bed. In the dark.

This was too funny to be mad about. I tried to take a picture but he has been camera shy lately and runs away.
The best part, he ate ALL of the Cheez-its. I think I should win the "Mom Of The Year Award" for this one... ha!
I have no clue when he woke. No idea when he went down stairs. The scariest part, I have no idea when he learned to be so dang quiet!! It makes me wonder how long he has been at this... He's a sneaky one!


Because you all love me... :)

Please bear with me while I respond to all of the emails about the free headers.
I promise to get to everyone AND make everyone a beautiful header for their blog!
I have been working nonstop, I haven't even had time for a real blog post :)
Love you all!
Please be patient!


Header Number Two!!

Check out this FREE HEADER that I created for This Beautiful Frugal Life (check it out live here)

Of course it doesn't have my URL across it... Ha!
If you would like a free header just follow the link above. 
I am about to close the giveaway because I have been getting soooo many requests!


FREE Bath Pouf

 Ok, I love free stuff... Go check out this bath pouf that you can get for FREE!! Enjoy!!
I can't wait to get mine!!


The first of the headers, look how cute!!

I got the first FREE header done!! 
Look how cute it is!!


I like free stuff! Do you like free stuff?

I am giving away FREE headers!! Yes, that's right! A free header!!
To get the free header you must

-Follow Army Wife Jesse Mac
-Be A Facebook Fan (and comment on the fan page)
-Follow Us On Twitter (and then tweet about the giveaway)
-Subscribe via email (look on the right side bar for this, just enter your email)
-Post About This On Your Blog

You must do all 5 of these to qualify for a free header. After you have completed all the requirements CONTACT ME. Include a link to each of your completed tasks when you fill out the contact form. 
Please remember that istockphoto's, illustrations, and graphics are extra.
If you would like one we can discuss it via email.
Good luck everyone!
I can't wait to get started creating some b-e-a-utiful headers! 


Exciting News.... Who's Ready??

Who is ready for some EXCITING news??
You will LOVE this!!

Stay tuned.... 

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Mommy, Daughter Apron Giveaway

Head on over to A Blog To Brag About
and enter to win a matching mommy & daughter apron set!
This is wayyyy too cute!!


One Day Without Shoes

Have you heard of Toms shoes?
For every pair of TOMS you purchase, they will give a pair to a child in need. One for one.
Pretty Amazing.

On April 8th, 2010 they are asking people to go the day, part of the day, or just a few minutes to experience a life without shoes first-hand.
See if there is an event in your area. If not, go ahead and create one!

One Day Without Shoes

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Ah Ha!

How many of you have noticed that green box around my header?
Well shame on you for not telling me it was there! ;)
Just kidding, Just kidding!
I use Google chrome and it never showed up in Google chrome, weird. When I used the MIL's comp... 
Hello Green border... I wasn't happy.
It is fixed now!
Can anyone see it? I hope not!!

I am off to work on homework. Fun!
Gotta learn everything I can about web design for y'all!
(I got made fun of for saying y'all today... I'm an Okie! I can't help it :))

Tomorrow I have Easter activities with *Lil Man*, work, QT with *Lil Man*, and then finishing up homework... I promise to be back to blogging on Monday though.

Happy Easter *R* && *Cpt Mac*
and of course all my wonderful readers!!



Blog Design Winners Announced! (Finally!)

The winners are....

Angela, commenter #24 with her tweet about the giveaway!!


Sarah Simplifies, commenter #28 by following the blog!!

Thank you to everyone that entered the contest! When we hit 200 Facebook fans we will be giving away another blog design AND when we hit 200 followers we will be giving away one!!
So be sure to Facebook fan us and follow the blog!

Don't want to wait? Jump on over to Who Doesn't Love Coupons and enter her giveaway for one of my blog design's valued at $50!!

(Winners have been notified via email on how to collect their prize)


And the winner is........


I am heading to work actually :)
The winner will be announced when I get home around 5 or 6 pm PST.
Oooohh... Anticipa-a-tion...

If you didn't get a chance to enter this blog giveaway or you want to enter ANOTHER give away for one of my blog designs, then head on over to...
They are hosting a giveaway for a blog design worth $50 big ones!!