Who Is Jesse Mac?

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! You can call me Jesse! I am a 20 something full time single mother, jewelry maker, newby crafter, and promo model.

I have an amazing man in my life who is serving this great nation that we live in! 

This blog is simply an outlet for me to record my personal thoughts, opinions and experiences as a single mother- a diary of sorts.

My page is not meant to be an across the board representation of life. Everyone's experience is unique and half of what I write about here has nothing to do with anything!

Some quick random facts about me:

-I have two cats, Tigger & Ninja. Both are rescues!
-I have two dogs, Lily & Hannah. Both are rescues!
-I foster dogs and I LOVE it!
-I am passionate about photography and like to take my camera with me every where that I go.
-I like to try new things!
-I make jewelry!
-I am not an aspiring writer, or an aspiring "mega-blogger". I'm just a Mom! This is an outlet for me, and a wonderful way to get my mind off things or to express my frustrations about things like deployment!

Welcome to my little corner of the interweb.

3 ranger-rific comments:

Kelly's Lucky You said...

I'm stopping by from Friday Follow. I hope you'll follow me back (and if you already are, thank you!)

Nice to meet you!


Anonymous said...

I am a new follower and it is always nice to read a blog from another military wife. My husband is in the Air Force and we are going to attempt to have our third son and a move across the country in the same month. Life is never boring.

Mommy in Charge said...

Im a new follower of your blog... I LOVE your rangerific comments thing! My husband is a retired Army Ranger after being injured in Iraq. I grew up in Kingston Washington about 1 1/2 N of Ft Lewis, and I LOVE photography! If I lived there still, I think we'd get along GREAT! Ive got a 14m daughter who is my everything! Look forward to following your blog!