I am allowed to be mad.
Only time will tell where the future takes me.
Waiting is hard.
I hate waiting.
I feel lost.
Taken advantage of.
I have seen an outsiders view.
I know how it looks.
I know.
Lines were not drawn.
Boundaries were not created.
At the time I did not feel they were necessary.
Now I know.
Now I see.
I have learned.
I have grown.
I will never NOT draw lines and build boundaries.
I am a better wife from this experience.
I am better woman.
I am strong.
I am courageous.
I will always choose success in my life.
I will fight for that success.
My family is my world.
My everything.
I love you *Cpt Mac* && I love you *Lil Man*!!
Always and forever, you two will be my priority.

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