A Work In Progress...

HELLO! We are BACK! Finally AND officially!
The design is a slow work in progress, I update and create when I have time so bear with me!

Do I have any readers out in bloggy world still? Feel free to comment(I love comments!). I've missed this aspect of my life and will be slowly working it into my busy schedule :)

What's new with me you ask?
Well.... I'll keep it short and sweet.

  1. Living back in my home town in a nice little rent house while I save up and prepare to buy!
  2. Little Man is starting public school in January! Yay! Excited for this new adventure!
  3. I'm in school pursuing a degree in Kinesiology! (which is tough being a single mom!)
  4. I've deleted quite a few old posts because I legally had to... long story that WILL be told, most likely on a day that I am in a mood ;)
  5. Ups & Downs, Ins & Outs... I simply COULD NOT be happier with where my life is and the direction it is going! I don't regret a thing! I learn from my mistakes and I am one happy camper!
Stay Tuned For Much More From This Blondie! ;)

2 ranger-rific comments:

Jes Suazo said...

I wondered if you would ever blog again. :) excited to follow!

Jesse Mac said...

So glad to have you following Jes! Can't wait to share my craziness with the world!!...again! ;P