Elf On The Shelf

I caved! Little Man and I picked up an Elf On The Shelf today...
His name is either "Bob" or "Pat" (after Spongebob characters). I'm trying to talk Little Man out of naming him "BobPat" (ha!) and he is sleeping on his decision.
The elf is watching tv :) 
I honestly don't think I can ever bring myself to make him mess things up... I don't have enough time to clean as is!
He will most likely just hop around the house nightly :) :) 
PS- It really works... The minute little man started whining I said "ELF!" and it was all big boy voice for the rest of the evening! I already love this!

(Hint: If you plan on getting one make sure you check the side of the box. I had no idea they had different skin tones, hair color, and eye colors! I got lucky though and ended up with the one I would have chosen anyway!)

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