Little Man's Ramblings & A Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Little Man's Morning Outfit
Hope every one's week has been wonderful!
Little Man has been quite the little comedian this week, and he doesn't even know it!
For starters, I told him to go play in the backyard this morning and my little cowboy just whipped on his boots with some awesomely tall socks!

Most days when I drop Little Man off at Pre-K, while we are waiting he looks around at the other cars and says, "I hope I don't have to sit by Ava today!"
Yesterday, I decided to ask him why he doesn't like to sit by Ava.
His response....
"Well, she talks a lot and its OBNOXIOUS Mom! She talks more than me even.... And I talk A LOT!"
I wonder how he knows that he talks a lot :)

Healthy Raspberry Banana Smoothie!

Such a little sweetheart!
Hard to believe that we enrolled him for Kindergarten yesterday and he turns FIVE this year!
Time flies!

He's so smart too!
(Just like any parent will say about their child! ;))
This morning he crawled in my bed & we were being silly, tickling each other, and laughing and talking. 
I said to him, "I created you my little bubby!"
Then he stopped.

He got rather serious.
Looked me straight in the eye and said,

In my bed w/the smoothie while I write this post!

"No mom, God created me."
He never ceases to amaze and surprise me!

BTW, that smoothie recipe...
Little Man gives it double thumbs up!
1c-1.5cVanilla Yogurt (I didn't measure it today)
2 Frozen Bananas
1 cup Frozen Raspberries
A splash of fruit juice (to help my blender blend the mix!)
He drank that entire giant cup!

Well, looks like it's time to play golf with the little one!
                               Hello Sunshine! Goodbye Blogger!
See y'all soon!

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