Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope System - FREE PRINTABLES

Printable Cash Envelopes!
Finally Decided To Take Mr. Ramsey's Advice!
Well, starting slowly at least. 
I found an amazing printable envelope that is easy to use!
Debated using regular envelopes, but I love that these come with lines to keep track of where I spend and how much!

Starting off by printing only five but only have two filled out.
Gas & Groceries so far. 
Will add more this week when I can think of some!
My plan is to go ALL cash, except for regular bills and rent. Any $1 bills left in the envelopes at the end of the day will go into a special in-home savings account (a make-shift, duct taped shut, shoe box, that I keep in my closet, with a hole to small to fit my hand in!). The money in that will then be pulled out before Christmas to use for gifts! I like to sneak a $5 dollar bill in there occasionaly, or even a $20! This worked REALLY well when I was bartending and came home with a bunch of cash! Hopefully it works the same once I switch over to a cash system completely! 

What will you're envelopes be labeled with?

Excited to start this new adventure and see how well I can budget for my small family!
-Jesse Mac

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Sabrina said...

AWESOME! I love Dave Ramsey. This system is such a help and really helps you track where your money is going and to keep me from overspending.