$37.52 of Items For Just $12.86!!

FINALLY! Another post :) 
I've been busy! What can I say!?
Good news, my coupon binder is FINALLY getting worked on!
Organized coupons make me happy :)

Today I ran to a few places while the man was sleeping (him working nights is no fun for me!).
I went to Homeland, CVS, & Walmart Neighborhood market.

At CVS I picked up the Venus razor, it was $10.99..$4/1 coupon..plus $5 CVS bucks back = $1.99 razor! Yipee! I needed a new one!

Yesterday, the man and I stopped by the neighborhood market... I saw a big clearance rack and took a mental picture...too bad my memory is HORRID (little man's current favorite word! ha!).
I did remember that I saw the UP2U gum on the rack, found three $1/2 coupons in newspaper inserts so I bought 6 packs. They were marked down from $1.28 to $1 (I was hoping they were .50! No such luck.)
So I got 6 packs = $6 & used three $1/2 pack coupons = $3 for 6 packs of gum.
50% off makes me happy!

Next was Homeland. 
I love Homeland. 
They double coupons and have SO many bargains available. 
I'll only tell ya'll about the best ones.
Carefree panty liners marked down to $1 -- used .50/1 carefree (doubled) = FREE!
Chicken Helper(x3) marked down to $1.25 -- used .75/3 (doubled) = .75/each!
Pompeian Olive Oil $2.69 used $1/1 coupon HERE (doubled) = .69 for olive oil! Yay!
Yakisoba noodles marked down to $1 -- Used .50/1 yakisoba (doubled) = FREE!
Dawn Dish Soap $1.39 -- Used .75/1 dawn product (doubled) = FREE!
Lunchable w/smoothie $3.39 -- Used $1/1 lunchable w/smoothie(doubled) = $1.39 (Little dude will love it!)
Hormel Compleats $2.79 -- Used 1/1 hormel compleats (doubled) = My lunch today cost .79! 

Looking at my receipt now I'm noticing something got messed up with the hormel chili so I payed more than I planned to. I can't complain though... The bottom of my Homeland receipt says I saved 71%! Yipee!
Tomorrow starts a new week of deals!
I will attempt to head out to the stores tomorrow so I can post again this week!

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