SUPER Cheap Meat & Produce!

Just found out about this AMAZING deal!
No idea why I hadn't heard about this before :)
Glad I can share it now!

Right now there is a deal on FRESH, NEVER frozen, NO hormones or additives, Boneless & Skinless chicken!
We normally find frozen low-quality chicken at supermarkets for $2.30/lb

Only catch, you order in cases of 40lbs.
Split it with a friend (or 3 if you don't have a deep freeze!).

The event they are currently running is for chicken.
They have events ALL OVER the country!

Simple put your order in online & pick it up on the event day at the specified location.

The company is called Zaycon Foods -- I am placing my order for chicken this weekend!
(Thank goodness for my deep freeze!)

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