Ah Ha!

How many of you have noticed that green box around my header?
Well shame on you for not telling me it was there! ;)
Just kidding, Just kidding!
I use Google chrome and it never showed up in Google chrome, weird. When I used the MIL's comp... 
Hello Green border... I wasn't happy.
It is fixed now!
Can anyone see it? I hope not!!

I am off to work on homework. Fun!
Gotta learn everything I can about web design for y'all!
(I got made fun of for saying y'all today... I'm an Okie! I can't help it :))

Tomorrow I have Easter activities with *Lil Man*, work, QT with *Lil Man*, and then finishing up homework... I promise to be back to blogging on Monday though.

Happy Easter *R* && *Cpt Mac*
and of course all my wonderful readers!!



5 ranger-rific comments:

Maria Lopez said...

i still see the green border :/

Jessica said...

Oh no!! Really?? What do you use? Internet Explorer, Firefox, or something else?

Maria Lopez said...


Jessica said...

OK, I will have to find someone that has FF and check it out. Thanks for letting me know!! :)

Gina F said...

I don't see the green border. You do have a nice blog. HAVE A NICE HAPPY SPRING DAY!!!

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