A normal post... or not...

I think I have been working too much.
Why do I think this?
I was up at 545 this morning after staying awake until after midnight last night... working on blogs, yes.
I love this though! It also helps time pass while *Cpt Mac* is deployed (not much longer!).

Well, about 8am, I hear *Lil Man*, he usually talks himself to sleep and then starts talking again as soon as he wakes up.
I went to check on him, thinking he had just woken up... nope. He had been up for a while...

He was naked. Eating Cheez-its. In his bed. In the dark.

This was too funny to be mad about. I tried to take a picture but he has been camera shy lately and runs away.
The best part, he ate ALL of the Cheez-its. I think I should win the "Mom Of The Year Award" for this one... ha!
I have no clue when he woke. No idea when he went down stairs. The scariest part, I have no idea when he learned to be so dang quiet!! It makes me wonder how long he has been at this... He's a sneaky one!


4 ranger-rific comments:

Mellisa said...

That's so funny! This reminds me of my son who is now 5. When he was about 2 I woke up to find him sitting in front of the TV with a nice big bowl of cereal he made all by himself! There was a nice mess waiting for me in the kitchen but it was really cute to see how fast they become independant!

Yummy Mummy said...

Haha! That is hilarious! Our stairs creak really loudly, so there is no sneaking in our house. Lil Mootz is only 16 months old, but I thought ahead when house buying....haha! :)

Stephanie said...

We woke up the other day at my parents house to find our 5 year old sleeping butt naked on their couch! He said he got hot in the night so instead of turning on the ceiling fan, he just took all his clothes off! I was so embarrassed, thank God there were no other guests there!

kmac said...

Jake used to sneak out of the house and down the street to the neighbor's house for breakfast. He'd do it most mornings for close to a year before my parents knew. The neighbor's never told my parents, they just gave them pictures. Jake was a sneaky one, he probably gave your not-so-munchkin some stealth tips.