Wine!! Wine!! Wine!! Cheapskate Wednesday :) :)

My wonderful husband found this website around Christmas....
It is my excuse for lack of posting the giveaway today... (that will come later! promise!)
Wine Till Sold Out is an uhhhmazzzing site that offers wine 30%-70% off EVERYDAY!!
AND, free shipping if you buy a certain amount of bottles of that particular wine.
Well, today is Cheapskate Wednesday!! Whoo hoo!! It is a different wine every 15 minutes (or sooner if they sell out) and the prices are $6.99-$18.99!! I love it!!
I have been updating my page every 2 minutes!! Time to stock up!!
Head over and check it out!


(Don't forget to come back later and check out the new giveaway!!)


3 ranger-rific comments:

Samantha said...

What a great site! I need to stock up on my wine husband has depleted it during my pregnancy!

Jenn said...

YUM! I Need to remember this if I ever do drink again!

Jessica said...

Hi All!

I just wanted to drop by and let you know that the next Cheapskate Wednesday for WTSO is being held on June 19th!

Enjoy and Cheers!