"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar."
-- Raymond Lindquist

Courage is something that I find myself lacking after reading the above quote. I want my familiar back even though I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. My "familiar" was never normal, it was never easy, and it was ALWAYS a challenge. It was a challenge that I embraced. A challenge that made me a better person.

While most of you have no idea what I am talking about, I promise that soon enough you will know. A series of posts will tell my story... a story of love, heart break, and betrayal.

This past year has made me question every single person that I come in contact with. I question their actions, their motives, and every last word that escapes their lips. Will I find the courage to let go of the familiar...? Will I find the courage to tear down these walls and allow myself to trust again...?

-Mrs Mac

3 ranger-rific comments:

kmac said...

As someone who knows the story; someone who is a part of the story; and as someone who has lived a similar story... you just have to make the choice to move on. Know who you are and don't let other people (even those that you love) define who YOU are. You need to look out for you and *Lil Man* first and be who you are... then the rest gets easier. Don't rely on others for your happiness, just rely on you. By relying on only yourself you'll learn that the heartbreak and other disasters become bumps in the road and are significantly easier to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I know you will be ok Jess.. You dont need anyone that is willing to bring you down so much in your life.. Or a part of it.. No part of it at all! Not the family or the other.. You will be ok, I know you will.. You've just gotta hang in there. Love you girl! Promise everything will be ok.

Melanie said...

because the subject is betrayal, I will say that because humans make mistakes, it will happen. Don't let that define you so much that you never love or trust again. Be who you are and who you've always been only stronger and wiser! It's hard to be the bigger person and not let anger beat you down but, if you can rise above it, you win.