Time With The Family & Lil Man's Newest Hobby

A few days were spent at my grandparents lake house this week.
It was nice.
Overall wonderful since I got to spend time with my family.
I look forward to going back rather soon.

While we were there we were finishing up a 1000 piece puzzle.
*Lil Man* was quite upset that he couldn't help.
I ended up running to the Dollar Store to pick him up his very own puzzle!
His first one!
Toy Story 3
48 pieces
After I helped him with the edges he did a really good job of putting together the rest of the puzzle on his own!

Here he is putting the last piece in the puzzle!

Such a good job!
I love that he wants to do the same puzzle over and over again!

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!

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PDuffey said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know that you won a giveaway form Confessions of an over-worked mom! Congrats, and your little picked a great hobby