Moving Day!

Where is the giveaway that I promised from yesterday??
I have no Internet right now!
I am getting it set up tomorrow and I have to blog from my phone!
I am going to try and run over to the 'rents casa and post a giveaway.
I literally have (at least) ten giveaways that I need to share!!

Why do I have no Internet!?!?
I'm moving!!
The cable/Internet guy will be at my house tomorrow!!

Sad story...
I have moved *too many times to count* in the past 5-6 years.
I have had the same bedroom furniture set the entire time.
I've had teenage boys move my belongings... and also moving companies....
It's all the same.
They are SO rough with everything!
My bedroom set has been through the ringer!!
I think it's about time for a new one :)
Maybe a tempurpedic mattress too!
;) ;)

I am DEF looking at my fav place...
They have tons of bedroom furniture sets to choose from!
Heck, I might get *lil man* a new set too!

Ok, I'm off to start the unpacking!!

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