How To Color and Make A Custom Zhu Zhu Pet

This past Christmas I bought...err... Santa brought *Lil Man* zhu zhu pets for Christmas. Cute right? Well, since Christmas he has lost one, broken one, and the third ran out of batteries. Since they are easier to find now (gotta love the Christmas rush!) I decided to send *R* one for Easter and I told *Lil Man* that hopefully the Easter bunny would bring him one as well. I didn't want just the regular old zhu zhu pet! I wanted something special and unique! After I started looking online for them I saw how ridiculously expensive the "custom" pets were. So I made my own! You can too! All you need is: Fabric Markers, one zhu zhu pet (preferably white!), and a little bit of coloring skills!

I picked up these markers from a local craft store. They had all sorts of different colors, packages, prices, tip sizes... TONS! I picked these because they are "Easter colors" and because they have two different tips...I wasn't sure which I would need.

I couldn't find 'Chunk' the all white zhu zhu pet so I picked up 'Jilly' the pink and white zhu zhu pet. You can find zhu zhu pets just about anywhere now... Wal mart, Fred Meyer, Target, Walgreens, Toys R Us, etc. Check out their WEBSITE to see what stores carry them near you.

Remove the zhu zhu from the box and decide what you want it to look like. We decided on pink and purple, because those colors are perfect for a princess! Since Jilly the hamster was already pink we only colored the white portions purple. The fine brush tip side of the marker was used on the white fur that was nearest the pink fur. Next we colored the rest of the white fur with the thick bullet tip side.

Ta-Da! We now have our very own custom Easter zhu zhu pet hamster! (The purple areas dried to a nice lavender color and it doesn't look as 'wet' as the picture makes it.) Now you can know how to color and make your very own custom zhu zhu pet! I have heard of people coloring the pets with kool-aid, spray paint, and all sorts of other things. I suggest using the fabric markers because they are non-toxic, the fur dries and stays soft, it is permanent, and it takes only minutes to have a perfect custom zhu zhu pet!

Have fun!


2 ranger-rific comments:

kmac said...

That's a cute idea! Why did lil man want a princess zhu zhu though?

Jessica said...

This one wasn't for *Lil Man*. We mailed this one to Hawaii today :)