I Have An Idea!!

It's about 11pm right now, I was doing my usual nightly blog surfing when I came across a giveaway...

I did not enter this give away because over 200 people had already entered it and I thought, "there is no way I can win, what's the point..."

I'm right.
There is no way I can win... If I don't enter!!
Silly me.

I have seen almost 300 giveways in just ONE DAY!!
I would think if I entered every single one of those giveaways... I have a pretty good chance of winning, right?? Right!!

What I am going to start doing is entering these giveaway's and ALSO linking to them from my sight!

If you want to win just about every imaginable thing... Keep coming back!
See what I enter and then you can enter too!


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